Vehold B.V., located in Zoetermeer, is an investment company with a strong focus on innovative products. Under the holding company currently 8 companies operate in various branches, spread across the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Romania, Turkey, China and India. You can navigate through the menu and click on the company names to find out more.

T Comm Telematics

T Comm Telematics is a specialist in real-time wireless data capture and recording and providing real-time insight into the location and status of trailers and containers and the condition of the loads they carry.


Medispace offers a width scale of flexible mobile and modular solutions to for fill your needs for diagnostic imaging.


P-Eye TPMS is configured with a pre-determined alarm pressure. If the tire pressure drops below the pre-determined alarm pressure, the pressure switch passes a signal to a LED light which starts to flash.

HLM International

HLM International is specialised in composite panels and tailor made solutions for trailer bodies.