​John Corneth B.V. monitors its entire fleet using T Comm Telematics systems

John Corneth B.V. based in Baarlo, specialises in air-conditioned transport of chemical and pharma products monitors its entire fleet using T Comm Telematics systems. Real-time information on internal temperatures and doorways in air-conditioned trailers provides John Corneth and its clients a constant and complete picture for each consignment.

John Corneth transports air-conditioned, hazardous substances (ADR), Chemical and Pharma products to the Benelux, England, Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland. The conditions under which these products are transported require careful monitoring. Excesses in temperature create risks for these products. The temperatures in the John Corneth trucks are constantly monitored and registered using wireless sensors manufactured by T Comm Telematics to ensure that the consignment condition is always available to clients. In the event of any temperature excesses John Corneth receives an alert so that immediate action can be taken where necessary.

Direct access to product transport conditions at all times

John Corneth, Managing Director: "The goods we transport are subject to stringent controls. The products we transport are valuable and extremely sensitive to temperature. Monitoring these temperatures is therefore paramount. The wireless sensors manufactured by T Comm Telematics give us access to the temperatures in all our trailers at all times and enable us to take immediate action if a temperature in one of our trailers is in danger of becoming too high or too low. This allows us to assure the correct transport temperature for goods. The T Comm Telematics solution makes it possible for us to provide our customers with a complete insight into the transport temperatures of their goods."

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