The Farm Trans Group provides its customers with continuous insight into the status and quality of freshly-delivered produce

The Farm Trans Group, a specialist in conditioned refrigerated transport, monitors its entire fleet (comprising 300 semi-trailers and a permanent core of 60 charters) using T Comm Telematics systems. Real-time information on a single screen about the potato trucks and conditioned semi-trailers provides Farm Trans and its customers with non-stop, comprehensive freight data.

The Farm Trans Group supplies a range of food and fresh produce to nigh on any location within Europe. Hygiene, reliability and speed are key factors. The perishability of fresh produce necessitates transportation under premium conditions. The temperature in the Farm Trans Group trucks is continuously monitored and registered via wireless T Comm Telematics sensors, making cargo conditions available to the customer 24-7. An alarm notifies the Farm Trans Group as soon as a certain temperature is exceeded, allowing the requisite adjustments to be made.

Continuous insight into the status and quality of freshly-delivered produce

Jan-Marijn Vink, Financial Controller at the Farm Trans Group: "The Farm Trans Group originated as a home carrier of potatoes for Farm Frites, but meanwhile has evolved into an all-round food transport specialist across Western and Eastern Europe. Farm Trans' areas of expertise cover full supply chain transportation, from organic raw materials up to and including conditioned (end) produce. Using the T Comm Telematics solution we have all the information pertaining to the entire fleet available on a single portal, and so can always provide our customers with a comprehensive overview of the status and quality of the freshly-delivered produce."

Enhanced efficiency with insight into fuel levels

Moreover, the conditioned Farm Trans trucks are equipped with a wireless fuel sensor that provides real-time insight into refrigeration unit fuel levels. Continuous insight into fuel levels keeps the refrigeration units up and running and enhances efficiency as unnecessary refuelling becomes a thing of the past.

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